Daily M3U Lists Downloader v1.0.0.1

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Daily M3U Lists Downloader v1.0.0.1 Empty Daily M3U Lists Downloader v1.0.0.1

Post by Admin on Fri Oct 25, 2019 10:21 am

"Daily Lists M3U Downloader", is a small tool in the category: downloader, which helps you to compile multiple lists of different M3U Lists websites, daily. The "Daily Lists M3U Downloader" works perfectly on pages with addresses starting from "http://" and ending with "type=m3u".

Question: Will i be asked to pay something? some subscription?
Answer: No. Its absolutely free!

Question: How does the program work?
01. Go to the page with M3U Lists in this format: "http://........................type=m3u" 
and copy the page link.
02. Open the program and paste the link.
03. Press the "Grab" button and wait.
04. When the download is complete, click the "Save" button 
to save the downloaded lists to a file (.m3u).
05. Finally, press the "Clear All" button to clear the program.

The "Daily Lists M3U Downloader" has been tested, in:
Windows 10 x86 & 
Windows 10 x64.

Do you have more questions?
Feel free to send a message.  Daily M3U Lists Downloader v1.0.0.1 Icon_cheers


Daily M3U Lists Downloader v1.0.0.1 Annotation

File: Daily Lists M3U Downloader.zip ( KB)


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